Understanding the fact that a lot of campers like modern amenities we have created a long list of facilities that we offer. Irrespective of the facilities you can customise your camping experience in a more better way depending on your preference.

Modern Cabins

A feature which attracts a lot of campers to our site is the availability of modern cabins. These cabins are made out of wood and have all the basic amenities that you would require for a comfortable stay. It includes a twin bed with mattress along with the wardrobe to keep your belongings safe.

Swimming Pool

Summer heat can be very harsh especially in France which is why it is essential to have a water source where families can enjoy. For this reason we have a large olympic size swimming pool in our camp facility. The pool section is equipped with a shower as well as lockers for storing your valuables.

On Site Mess

Preparing food while you are camping can be a bit challenging especially if you are not carrying a lot of groceries. That is why we give campers an option to either eat at our on-site mess or cook their own food using the equipments they have bought a long with themselves.

Equipment Renting

It is not always possible to bring along every type of equipment that you might require for camping. Considering this situation we have incorporated an equipment renting section. Here you will be able to rent any type of camping gear by showing your id and giving a minimum deposit.

Security Patrolling

Campgrounds can be crowded sometimes which can compromise the security aspect of the location. Which is why we have continuous security patrolling throughout the ground. We make sure that under any circumstances the safety aspect of the campers is not risked.