Contact Us

Our aim is to provide all the relevant information about the campground on the website itself. However there are times when you might want some questions to be answered. That is why we have created separate contact channels for different type of requirements. By categorising your query and getting in touch with the specific department you will be able to get all the answers quicker than ordinary. Here is a list of all the basic helpline channels that we have created.

Booking and Registrations

If you want to book yourself into the camp for the upcoming season then the best way to do so is by getting in touch with our registration department. The support team of this department will help you with the entire process of registration and will also make you familiar with any expenses that you might incur. .

General Customer Support

For those of you who are still not registered with us can get all the relevant information about the campground by contacting the general customer support section. Questions about all the different facilities, amenities, and activities that we offer at the camp can be answered by this particular department. They can even provide you support regarding the rules and regulations of the campground.

Security Patrolling Team

We make sure that a regular security patrolling is conducted while the camp is in session. However if there are any security breaches conducted by any of the members then you can report them to this particular department. You can get in touch with them in case of an emergency or safety issue.


We understand how important it is to have medical assistance on the site for all our campers. Whether it is dealing with small cuts and burns or something serious you can always depend on our medical support team to solve the problem. We also have ambulances on the site in case someone needs to visit the hospital as soon as possible.

To know more about our campground we suggest that you visit us in person. We will be happy to show you around and give you insights on all our services.