Although most campers like to indulge in their own activities. But there are a few who want to participate in a pre-organised session. By understanding the demand of such individuals we have created an activity itinerary which covers the entire day. Below you will be able to find a list of activities that you could look forward to at our camp.

Hiking and Races

Our camping ground is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Limousin. To make it possible for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings we organise regular hiking sessions. Apart from this we also have races for different age groups where the winner receives an amazing prize.

Sports Matches

Most campers who visit our grounds are fans of sports which is why we organise regular matches to keep them entertained. These matches can be of football, basketball and even cricket. Apart from this for the younger audience we also have other indoor activities like table tennis and badminton.


You won't believe the number of singers that attend our campgrounds every year. To make better use of their talent we organise concerts where they can perform live in front of other campers. It is the ideal way of spending your evening while you are with us.


Last but surely not the least of the activities that we organised at our campgrounds is a regular bonfire. Here people are able to enjoy a quiet drinking and dinner party with their fellow campers. It is also great way to share your experiences with others.